How does Timeline Software work?

Timeline Canvas

Timeline Software is a desktop program with a high-precision, dynamic zoom interface. This time zooming canvas ranges from Zettayears (1021 years = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years) to Yocto-Seconds (10-24 seconds = 0,000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 sec).

The interface has a live zoom that relocates instantaneously when browsing. For reference, a ruler with time units is always displayed. This time ruler is complemented with a seamless time-grid that covers the whole screen, for a better browsing experience.

The contents placed on this canvas are responsive. Timeline software may contain pretty much any object or event: from timeless galaxies down to dinosaurs and common people, and further down to ultra-fast events, such as electrons in a moving electric current.

Timeline canvas and navigation menus. Click to open Full View.
Timeline canvas and navigation menus. Click to open Full View.

Timeline Items

Timeline items are real-world things with a defined duration, such as people and historical events. Timeline items consist of a name, line and sometimes, an icon. The icon and the item color help best relate the item to the real-world object.

The items are placed in the canvas and move accordingly. They may disappear off-screen while panning. They also change their appearance. For instance, item icons may collapse while zooming-out to free up space.

Timeline items are organized into rows and channels. Each timeline file may contain any number of channels, rows and items arranged in multiple available combinations. You can see different designs on the Timeline List.

Timeline channels, items and hyperlinks. Click to open Full View.
Timeline channels, items and hyperlinks. Click to open Full View.

Print-Ready Timelines

Print Yourself

Use the Print Setup Window to print by yourself. Make timeline prints that suit your needs. Make use of the adjustable page distribution to get timelines as long as the wall in your classroom or office.

In addition, use Timeline Software to get a blank printable timeline template. Choose your desired timespan, timeline length and height. Get as much as blank space as you need. Also, choose the total number of pages and their arrangement.

Timeline Software allows users to print for personal use and for professional use, up to comfortable limit quantities, as specified in each subscription license.

Professional Prints & Print Distributions

All timelines in the Timeline List are available for print runs and publications upon request. Ask us for print-ready timelines in vector or .PDF file formats. All timelines are available in high quality for large format reproductions and plotter printing. Please, contact us to let us know your requirements and to ask for a tailored quote.

Online Timelines

All timelines in the Timeline List are available as online display upon request. Online access is also available for new and customized timelines.

Embed on Your Website

The online embedding service offers a quick and easy set-up to display timelines on your website, as simple as copying a few lines of code and uploading the desired timeline files. Please contact us to know more about this service and to let us know your requirements.


Personalized Timelines

Create timelines with your personal contents and design. Build timelines from scratch or start by adding events from any timeline in the Timeline list. Use templates, merge timelines, redesign & adapt the contents to fit your requirements. Publish and access your customized timelines on desktop and online.

Coming Soon!

Timeline templates editing requires Microsoft Excel™
Custom timelines require a Timeline Software subscription

Publish With Us

Would you like to author timelines? Are you a professional historian? Are you an academic, researcher or graduate looking to publish historical timelines? With us you have the opportunity to use our software & publish on our website.

We encourage Digital Humanities by providing cutting edge technology to academia and research. We’re commited to creating high quality timelines, available to everyone. If you are interested, please, get in contact and tell us about your areas of expertise.