Geologic Time Scale

Geological Time Scale with the international standard time periods, the evolution of life on Earth, glaciations, plate tectonics and more.


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Geological Periods

This timeline shows the Geologic Time Scale with major events. This is a complete, fully interactive timeline chart with 175 geological periods and over 300 events from the formation of the Earth to present day. The geological periods start with the Archean eon and end with the Holocene epoch.

The periods are presented as described by the International Commission on Stratigraphy. The ICS defines period names, timespans and colors that are used worldwide. The ICS frequently updates the Geological Time Scale with the latest research available.

All periods and events have hyperlinks to articles from Encyclopedia Britannica,,, Wikipedia and Earthly Universe.

Magnetosphere and Atmosphere

In addition to the geologic periods, this timeline displays the history of the Earth’s magnetic field. It includes the main Earth’s Magnetic Regimes, magnetic reversals and excursions.

The history of the Athmosphere displays more than 50 athmospheric events. For instance, CO2 levels, isotope fractionation of gases, carbon cycle events, Earth’s mean surface temperatures, glaciations, and more.


The Biosphere section shows the evolution of life on earth. It contains over 100 biology events that track the emergence of life forms and new branches in the Tree of Life. Major and minor extinctions, breakthrough fossils, new animal families and other events are included.


This section outlines the supercontinent cycle and the deep history of plate tectonics. Relevant magmatic events, volcanism and asteroids that shaped the Earth’s surface are included as well.

Printable Geologic Time Scale

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This is an excellent and massive Geologic Time Scale chart to learn about the long history of our planet Earth.


For each event, links are provided to access online articles, primary sources and related history timelines.

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