US History Timeline (1750-Present)

Interactive timeline of American history from 1750 to present, including periodization, government, economy, laws and historical events (over 1500 items total).


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This is an XXL Timeline of American History including more than 1500 interactive historical periods and events.

List of United States Presidents

On the timeline, you can see a list of all 45 presidents in order, or zoom in on any presidency. The government section includes a list of all Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and majorities in Congress and the Senate. In addition, all major and minor US territorial changes are included, such as state admissions and the Westward Expansion.

  • George Washington, from April 30, 1789 to February 13, 1793 (Non Party)
  • John Adams, from March 04, 1797 to March 04, 1801 (Fed)
  • Thomas Jefferson, from March 04, 1801 to March 04, 1809 (Dem-Rep)
  • James Madison, from March 04, 1809 to March 04, 1817 (Dem-Rep)
  • James Monroe, from March 04, 1817 to March 04, 1825 (Dem-Rep)
  • John Quincy Adams, from March 04, 1825 to March 04, 1829 (Dem-Rep)
  • Andrew Jackson, from March 04, 1829 to March 04, 1837 (Dem)
  • Martin Van Buren, from March 04, 1837 to March 04, 1841 (Dem)
  • William Henry Harrison, from March 04, 1841 to April 04, 1841 (Wihg)
  • John Tyler, from April 04, 1841 to March 04, 1845 (Wihg)

List of United States Wars

In the wars section you will find a complete US Wars Timeline, including more than 130 American wars and war events categorized by type and importance. For instance, the Civil War, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 9/11 Attacks are included, as well as many minor Indian Wars. For the Revolutionary War, see the American Revolution Timeline.

  • Cold War, from September 02, 1945 to December 26, 1991
  • Korean War, from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953
  • Vietnam War, from November 01, 1965 to April 30, 1975
  • I Gulf War, from August 02, 1990 to February 28, 1991
  • War in Afghanistan, from October 07, 2001 to Present
  • II Gulf War (Iraq Invasion), from March 20, 2003 to December 15, 2011


Economic Timeline

This timeline includes a continuous line of alternating growth and crisis periods, with yearly GDP growth. It also displays over 150 important events in US economic history. For example, the California Gold Rush, US-China Trade War, events in the evolution of the national debt and economic plan such as the Reconstruction.


Timeline of US Law

In the law section you will find a timeline of the US Constitution, amendments, supreme court decisions, acts and other remarkable laws.


Timeline of Important Events

This additional section includes events such as early explorer journeys, inventions, buildings, natural disasters, minor violent events, space exploration achievements, famous books, speeches, etc. Epidemics and political scandals such as the Watergate are also displayed.


American History Timelines

This timeline is the third in a series of three which cover the whole history of North America.

For each event, links are provided to access online articles, primary sources and related history timelines.

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