Vladimir Putin Timeline

Interactive timeline of Vladimir Putin with his early life, education and work as spy in Germany. Also, his political career leading to his presidency up to the present day, including the invasion of Ukraine.

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Timeline of Vladimir Putin.

This visual biography of Vladimir Putin displays a detailed account of his early life, education, work experience and political career. In addition, the timeline displays relevant events during his lifetime, both personal events and major events in Russia’s history that had an impact on Putin’s life. Also, his family is shown, as well as approximate statistics about his personal income and the places he lived.


Vladimir Putin History Timeline

For more information and historical context of Putin’s early life and career, see the Cold War Timeline.


Vladimir Putin Database

This timeline uses a database of events related to Vladimir Putin. First, the database includes over 60 personal events, as well as where he studied and his work experience. The database also includes over 20 conflicts during Putin’s lifetime. The II World War greatly impacted his parent’s life, just before he was born. Later in life, Putin himself had an active role in the Chechen Wars and he personally promoted other conflicts such as the Invasion of Ukraine. The database also contains data about Putin’s close family, including parents, siblings, wives, children and grandchildren (about 30 members).

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