Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Interactive timeline of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, from February 2022 to the present. It includes over 250 battles and attacks, as well as over 90 relevant events in this conflict.

Updated Apr 2023


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This is a timeline of the War in Ukraine (2022-present). It shows battles and events, sorted by active fronts on each Ukrainian region and province (oblast). Currently, there are over 250 battles and attacks recorded, on 5 fronts. In addition, there are over 90 relevant events in Ukraine before and during the Russian invasion, such as the forceful displacement of people, treaties, economic sanctions, gas distribution disputes, political speeches, and more.

This interactive timeline of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine provides links to access articles in Encyclopedia Britannica, the Institute of Study of War, Wikipedia,, and other online encyclopedias as well.

For more information and historical context of this war, see the Cold War Timeline.

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